Thursday, April 12, 2012

Skylab program brochure from McDonnell Douglas

Today I’m sharing a brochure from 1972 put out by McDonnell Douglas about Skylab— America’s first space station. The company (today, absorbed into Boeing) was one of the major contractors for its construction.

It’s a lovely piece, printed on glossy, thick stock, 30 cm × 22.5 cm, and it shows up every smudge and bit of dirt on my scanner.

Skylab is perhaps best remembered today for its uncontrolled re-entry over Western Australia in 1979. In retrospect, this makes the timeline on page 7 look incredibly short-sighted: a 110-ton space station in orbit with no evidence of any plan for its future further than eight months.

Copyright information: There’s no copyright notice on the brochure, so as a work first published in the United States before 1989 without any such notice, it seems to be in the public domain.

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